Reach Your Financial Goals!

Most of us have goals in life that call for an investment of a significant amount of time and financial resources. Although you may have done some planning, most people’s natural tendency is to focus on the one or two goals that are most important to them right now.

Below is an example of the most common risks and goals through various lifecycle stages.


Student Debt
Income Protection
Mortgage Debt
Credit Management
Job Security


Emergency Fund
Vehicle Purchase
Home Purchase
Debt Repayment
Children’s Education



Life Expectancy
Asset Conservation
Asset Transfers
Legal Affairs


Long-term Care
Asset Transfers
Tax Planning
Estate Tax Payment

Although there can be many overlaps in the stages, and even in the risks and goals, at L&A Financial we specialize in tailoring a financial plan to your specific desires.

Benefit from the vast opportunities available to you in: money management, investment opportunities, tax planning and personal or family security.

We provide independent financial advice. As well as work as part of your planning team by liaising with your legal and accounting specialists in order to create one coherent strategy that is unique to you. We can also change the roadmap along the way as needed.

Benefits of Financial Planning, Life Insurance and Living Benefits

At L&A Financial Group we apply a holistic approach to our financial services. This means we offer a comprehensive service, assessing your current financial situation and addressing all of your financial needs.

A comprehensive financial plan entails planning for the future with a tax minimization focus while ensuring your wealth is properly transitioned to future owners. We will work with you to develop solutions in all areas of personal and corporate financial planning and risk management.

Proper Financial Planning Means:[accordions  id=”368″ ]Our planning process centers on you. You and your planner work through the process to identify your needs and goals, develop a strategy, and, at your option after completion of the plan, put your plan into action.

We are here to listen, ask the important questions, advise you, and help keep you on the road to financial success.

Contact us today to learn more about the financial planning process and book your free no obligation consultation with one of our financial advisors.

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