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About Us

Since the inception of the business in 1986, clients who seek a higher level of care have spread the word and our business has evolved to include a larger team.

Today, Your Planners has a full staff of planning and support workers to help you on your financial journey. Whether you seek to protect your family, guarantee debt repayments or a level of income through insurance products, or prepare for future needs including; education, significant purchases, and retirement income or estate preservation – we can help.

As your children and family grow, so does your need for insurance. Insurance is a fundamental component of a financial plan. We can help you protect your family and the things you've worked so hard to accumulate.

Our dedicated financial advisors are supported by a group of talented individuals that are committed to serving the complete needs of our clients, as well as the planners. Our service assistants are continually keeping abreast of prudent information and quickly communicate it to our financial advisors. This ensures that clients get the most out of each contact or meeting. They also relieve stress and worry by sending friendly reminders of upcoming appointments or abeyance issues from previous meetings.

We are proud to be registered through Investia Financial Services Inc. A trusted mutual fund dealer that has been providing independent financial advisors, like us, with an established, fixed fee business model that enables us to access a wide variety of quality investment products to best meet the needs of Canadian investors.

With a commitment to professionalism that is inherent in our continuing education pledge, our Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Life Underwriters and Chartered Financial Consultants have maintained their credentials and offer current world knowledge that is constantly being updated.

It's never too soon to make insurance part of your family's financial plan.

Contact us today for your free no obligation consultation. We will tailor our method of service to whatever you are most comfortable with. Be it in-person, phone, email or mail. We're also happy to visit your home for appointments, should it be more convenient.

Asset Based Options

The Income Tax Act permits the potential deductibility of Investment Council Fees for non-registered investments. Please contact your accounting professional to determine if your investment is eligible for this deduction.

The consolidation of assets for High Net Worth clients can provide reduced fees for registered and non-registered portfolios alike.

Canadian investors have become more aware of the fees they are being charged for financial advice and we offer our clients a number of options to pay for the advice they receive from us.

Whether you prefer to have our fees “embedded” within the Management Expense Rate (MER), or charged separately we have an option for you.